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Q: What is the minimum amount I can give?

A: The minimum gift is $5 per nonprofit organization. All gifts are offered in $5 increments.


Q: What is the maximum amount I can give?

A: The maximum gift to any one individual organization is $100, and the total monthly charge allowance for your collective contributions is $500.


Q: I don’t like what I see. Can I have a refund?

A: We are not able to issue refunds. This is a charitable site, so once your money is given, it is no longer in our hands, and thus, not possible for OneGift to refund.


Q: I added another gift but didn’t get billed. Why?

A: Your billing date is set when you select your first charity.  If you modify your OneGift by increasing the values or the number of nonprofits to which you wish to donate, your new amount will be deducted on your billing date. Your billing date is displayed beside your OneGift amount.


Q: Why can’t I find a new nonprofit that my friend started?

A: New nonprofits are not listed in the public website by name. You must search for new organizations by account number specifically. Once the required minimum of five gifters is reached, the nonprofit will be publically searchable.


Q: Who charges my card?

A: The charge will be reflected as **OneGift


Q: When is my card charged?

A: Your card is charged at 03:00AM EST on the day after your billing cycle.


Q: Will I receive a letter showing my charitable deductions?

A: You can download your statement at any time, which will show your current and end of year obligations.


Q: Does 100% of my money go to the nonprofits?

A: When we deduct from your credit card, we separate your total donation into the amounts you have selected for each gift. Then we deduct 4.5% of the gift as a service fee to cover the costs associated with the credit card merchant (approximately 3.5%) and remainder for servers, upkeep and management of OneGift. For example if you give $5 to a charity, then they will receive $4.75.


Q: What does the nonprofit do with my money?

A: We do not report on the percentage of giving that goes to overhead or other specific uses. If you choose to give, it is because you know the person or group affiliated with your nonprofit, or have a similar connection that makes you comfortable in your giving.


Q: Can I give one-time payment?

A: No. This site is designed to develop giving on a consistent basis and supporting a charity that you believe in. At any time you can stop giving, increase or decrease values, or add nonprofits.


Q: Can I pay by check or bank withdrawal?

A: Unfortunately, at this time we only offer credit card payments so that we can reduce the management of payments and automate the entire system.




For Nonprofits


Q: How to I put my organization on OneGift?

A: You can apply to be listed under your profile tab. We will review your information, and if approved, you will receive an email detailing the sign up process.


Q: I have been approved, so why am I not listed in the directory?

A: We require that you use your inner circle to recruit your first five gifters. This helps us to validate your organization in that those who know you are willing to give to support your cause. Once you have satisfied this requirement, others will be able to publically find you.


Q: Do I have to be a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit?

A: No, however, you will receive an annual statement and be required to pay any taxes associated with your organization.


Q: I haven’t been approved. Why?

A: As a small startup, we have multiple reasons for excluding your charity from our platform. It could be that you did not supply sufficient information, or that we were unable to verify. We also do not allow any type of hate, violence, sexuality, abuse or perceived misuse of our system. Nonprofit selection is at the discretion of OneGift management, and within the system. 


Q: Are there any fees associated with using OneGift?

A: We charge a 4.5% fee on all donations collected on your behalf.  This fee helps cover the cost of credit card transaction fees as well as the organizational fees required to manage OneGift.


Q: When do I receive my money?

A: The cutoff for accounting is the last day of the month. The following month, we process and mail checks out on the 10th with expected delivery by the 15th


Q: Do you have direct deposit?

A: We anticipate the addition of this new feature in the future.


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